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Buying Your First Crypto

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  • Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, learn the latest in crypto including NFTs & DeFi

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Buying Your First Stock

Fall 2021

  • Learn the investing mindset needed to build wealth in the stock market

  • Get started by making a stock investment live in class

  • Incorporate the HAX playbook to future-proof your stock portfolio's long-term success

  • Gain lifetime access to the HAX community

Varika, 22

"HAX was my first formal introduction into crypto and it was really helpful to learn more about the landscape and how to invest in it. Karthik went above and beyond with sharing detailed notes and his own portfolio breakdown, which I really appreciated."

Ariane, 29

"HAX is a fantastic way to dive into the world of crypto with a community of likeminded peers ranging in crypto experience. It made a realm that's broad and could otherwise be overwhelming accessible and fun. I can't wait to continue to grow my wealth and knowledge along with this community!"